Luka EP (2015)
2015 Studio EP / Mini-Album

Release Dates

Vocallective Records, July 2015 (digital)
Kekal, August 2015 (digital)

Track Listing

  1. Neutrality (alternate mix)
  2. Crossroads (alternate mix)
  3. Wound of Desolation*
  4. The Unwritten

Track marked * is not available on the Vocallective Records version of the same release.

Release Note

First 70+ were given as a "secret surprise gift" through Kekal's Facebook page on July 21, 2015, prior to the official release date. The EP is now available from Bandcamp.


A digital download-only "Luka EP" features 4 tracks: Two of the tracks are alternate-mix versions that are quite different than the ones found on the new 2015 album Multilateral, a previously-unreleased track called "Wound of Desolation", and "The Unwritten" (same version as on Multilateral album).

"Luka EP" is an ideal accompaniment to Multilateral, with the emphasis in delivering emotional atmosphere using Vocaloid (Megurine Luka) as a melodic centerpiece. If Multilateral is the Earth, then Luka EP is the Moon.

"Luka" means "Wound" in Bahasa Indonesia.


All tracks feature VOCALOID™ character of Megurine Luka.
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Jeff Arwadi.
Cover illustration by Levi Sianturi.
Digital cover art by Jeff Arwadi.
All musical contributions to this EP are kept anonymous.

Special thanks to Yuu Asakawa for providing her voice for Megurine Luka: the most passionate-sounding Vocaloid ever!

Download Luka EP Digital

Direct from Kekal @ Bandcamp (full streaming available on all tracks).
Name your price scheme with no minimum. This means you can free download if you don't feel to buy.

From Vocallective Records.

How did you come with this quite sudden and surprising EP?

Yes, it was quite sudden actually, almost to my surprise.. First thing first; with all the tracks from Multilateral recording session, I have alternate versions of the same songs, not that big, still the same arrangement and basic tracks but with different vocal tracks and sometimes different guitar melodies, different drum loops, different effects, and so on.. We chose one that fits the best for Multilateral as an album, most of the time I had to omit some alternate tracks for the ones that fit the best for the album.. Then here comes a quite sudden thing: there was an offer for an EP release from a Vocaloid netlabel.. I thought like, well let's use alternate mixes of Crossroads and Neutrality with more Megurine Luka singing the vocal lines, then add the track "The Unwritten" on top of that.. Then boom, it's ready to go.. also I have an unreleased, tell you the truth: unfinished song called "Wound of Desolation", a pretty dark tune that was recorded originally for Multilateral, but ended up being too complicated at the point that I couldn't finish the track.. It was like getting stuck in the middle, both musically & lyrically.. So I decided to feature this for the EP, stripped it down and just mixed all the important parts of the song, and left it kinda hanging there in the middle a little bit because it's unfinished.. But actually after listening to it together, it seems fit to the EP as some sort of interlude or mood bridge, between the upbeat "Crossroads" and the more punishing "The Unwritten"..

What was the reason behind such a catchy title "Luka EP"?

Well, the word "luka" means "wound" in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language), some of the tracks actually talk about pain and also emotional wound.. And also, as you know, this EP has Megurine Luka to take manjority of the singing part, so it is also a dedication to Megurine Luka as a Vocaloid character as well.. So this "Luka EP" is about luka, and Luka..

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