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July 2024

Points of message:

  1. New Song "K432 - Rotting Away" is ready! Watch lyric video (on YouTube) .
  2. Download First 3 Songs from upcoming "K432 - Revisitation" album from Bandcamp .
  3. Mid-year Message: Humanity is at the Crossroads of Destiny.

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July 2024 Message


June 2024

Points of message:

  1. New Song "K432 - Inward Journey" is ready! Watch music video (on YouTube) .
  2. Restarting Inward Journey Video Podcast, will also be published on Substack. Subscribe to Inward Journey Podcast on Substack .
  3. The relevance of K432 project to Kekal’s future.

June 2024 Message


May 2024

Points of message:

  1. New Single from the acoustic project "K432 - Born Anew" is now officially released digitally.
  2. "Autonomy" album has been re-mastered & is now available on Bandcamp .
  3. Two "behind-the-lyrics" written documents related to Kekal's 2 latest albums "Quantum Resolution" & "Envisaged".

May 2024 Message


April 2024

Points of message:

  1. Introducing K432 (acoustic guitar sub-unit of Kekal).
  2. A new single "K432 - Born Anew" is ready! Watch music video (on YouTube) .
  3. Remastering of some Kekal albums into 432 Hz tuning. First album getting re-tuned is "Autonomy", Kekal's 9th full-length album originally released in 2012.

April 2024 Message

Kekal Updates + Messages (via Substack)

Kekal is now on Substack! Since March 2024, Kekal's monthly e-Newsletter has moved permanently to the new platform which is Substack. This is the only platform where you can get updates from Kekal that are free from unnecessary suppression or censorship. Please subscribe by entering your email address above. Jeff will be taking care of the newsletter himself, and will also post more info than those being shared via social media.

All future updates + messages will be published on Substack. Posts sent via Bandcamp will be focusing on products (discount codes, download codes, new merchandise, etc.).

Limited-edition CD Available

Kekal - Deeper Underground CD 2023

Taking a Rest after 28 Years!

August 15, 2023

August 15th, 2023 is the day Kekal turns 28 years as a band! That being said, it feels that now it's time to have a much needed rest or hibernation period. No more music-related activities for the rest of the year.

This is also an announcement that we will be taking a break from social-media, so you won't be seeing new posts about Kekal both on Facebook as well as on Instagram until we're back (which is no one knows when!). Basically, we will be taking a hermit mode and go offline for a while.

Even the band has operated without official members for 14 years (practically half of the 28 years period) and no longer play any live shows since 2005, the band never took a hiatus or break from the usual writing-recording-releasing music activities since 1995. The first half of the year 2023 was also a very busy year for Kekal, with 2 new releases (albeit not new albums): "Eternitarian" best-of compilation, and the updated edition of 2018 album "Deeper Underground", as well as remastering of older albums. The band feels grateful for being able to continuously running independently, with 13 full-length albums released so far. We would like to thank you for keep listening to the music of Kekal and also supporting the band, both financially as well as energetically by sharing the music to your friends or on social-media. Music is like the river that needs to be channelled to benefit the greater society.

“Deeper Underground“ 2023 Updated Edition

Kekal's latest release is "Deeper Underground" (2023 Updated Edition). While this is not technically a new album (originally released back in 2018), but it received significant updates. Remixed and completely remastered in 2023, with 1 song received partial new vocals + lyrics, a new front cover artwork, and a hidden bonus track. Check-out the Bandcamp embed posted here to listen to the songs and download the album. Thank You and Enjoy the music!

Download Album

“Deeper Underground“ CD is also available!

The CD version of “Deeper Underground“ 2023 Updated Edition is also available in limited number, and is handled by Indonesian extreme metal label Sadist Records based in Bali. CD is factory-pressed and comes with a bonus track and 8-page booklet. See the set of images here. You can order the CD from the label's Bandcamp page (not affiliated with Kekal's Bandcamp page for the same album). Click the button below to go to the page.

Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout, depending on country/region. Additional Shipping speed options might be available at Checkout (if needed). Products are fulfilled from Indonesia through Sadist Records, not from the band.

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Kekal - Eternitarian


Digital Download by Kekal via Bandcamp

T-Shirt Available

Kekal - Eternitarian T-Shirt

OUT NOW! “Eternitarian“: The Essential Kekal 1995—2022.

March 14, 2023

31 Tracks. Almost 3 hours of music spanning 27 years of the band's entire discography.

“Eternitarian“ is now released exclusively on Bandcamp! It is a best-of compilation album from Kekal, and features 31 tracks clocking at almost 3 hours spanning 27 years worth of Kekal's music, with select material taken from the band's entire 13 full-length albums, 3 EPs, and also the band's very first 1995 demo. Presented in this free/name-your-price digital-download only release are the band’s old-time favourites as well as highlights from newer material and previously unreleased alternate-mixes. Incl. in the download is the 12-page digital booklet in PDF with notes describing the albums & EPs.

This is a special release that has been requested frequently because there are music lovers out there that have some interest in checking out Kekal but haven't got a chance to hear the music yet (and don't know where to start), also the majority of Kekal's regular listeners tend to listen only one particular "era" of the band. “Eternitarian“ serves the purpose of introducing the entire Kekal's discography with highlights from every album and EPs from their 90s period to 2022. It is not only limited to work as a mere introductory sampler. It can also work as an 'essential' Kekal playlist because every track is carefully picked based on listeners' favourites and reviewers' “best picks”.

Feel free to donate at any amount, between $1 to $5 is recommended and much appreciated. See the full track listing here or follow the Download Digital Album button below. Thank You and Enjoy the music!

Download Digital Album

“Eternitarian“ T-Shirt is also available!

Eternitarian typeface over a dark grey Kekal logo. Simple design, comfortable to wear in all occasions. Artwork on front side only. Choice between 3 colors: Midnight Navy, Black, & Maroon. Many sizes available. This is a DTG (direct-to-garment) print, produced by TeeSpring and it is made-to-order. Material: 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton. See image.

Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. Worldwide shipping available. Additional Shipping speed options are available at Checkout (if needed). Products are fulfilled from the US & EU through TeeSpring.

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Kekal - Envisaged


Digital (Download, Streaming) by Kekal
Physical (Digipak CD, Cassette) by Elevation Records

Kekal - Envisaged

Kekal - Envisaged

OUT NOW! “Envisaged“: Kekal's New Full-length Album.

July 29, 2022

Introducing the new Kekal studio album “Envisaged“, the band's 13th full-length album. It is released on July 15, 2022 and is available in both Digital (download & streaming) and Physical formats (limited-edition Digipak CD & Cassette Tape). For digital formats, you can either download the full-album via Bandcamp or streaming on various platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, etc.). The Physical formats are released by Indonesian multi-genre record label Elevation Records.

This album features 9 tracks total with more than 51 minutes of playing time.

You can buy “Envisaged“ digital download version via Bandcamp. If you wish to support Kekal directly, this is one way to do that. Kekal is a purely independent band that needs to fund itself for keeping the online presence (domain, webhosting, etc) and other promotional purposes. All your support by paying for the digital download is greatly appreciated. We will also create a T-shirt and Longsleeve design for “Envisaged“ soon.

Download Digital Album

If you are into physical releases, you can purchase the album directly to the record label right now by emailing them at with your mailing address (incl. country) for CD or Cassette price & shipping cost. Please ask if you want CD or Cassette. They accept PayPal for international orders. If you live in Indonesia, you can also purchase the CD through Tokopedia and Bukalapak e-Commerce for easy and secure online transaction (Indonesian resident only). Click link to search on Tokopedia or Bukalapak.

If you have received the Digipak CD of this album already, please feel free to send your photo (with the CD) to us and we will post them on Facebook as well as on Instagram. DM Kekal on Instagram, or if you don't have IG account, you can email it to

If for some reason you are unable to pay for the digital download on Bandcamp, or already have the CD of the album, or plan to purchase the merchandise instead, etc., feel free to email Kekal (to email address above) and ask for a free-download code of Envisaged. For Kekal, music is not a commodity, but a shareable experience. When you decide to pay for the album, we consider it as a donation to help support the band's operational costs, so it is greatly appreciated.

As a continuation from the 2020 album “Quantum Resolution“, “Envisaged“ was specifically created to celebrate The Great Awakening of humanity and Earth's Ascension to the higher octave of vibrational frequency. All the songs were written during the recording process, to capture the spontaneous moments of insights within each and every passage of creation. The music and lyrics represent a creative spiritual journey following continuous revelations regarding the current events on Earth that have been unfolding especially in the past few years. If observed and put together in a continuum, they signify the process of global collective awakening and purification towards humanity's grand destiny: to transcend the matrix and rise beyond the construct of duality.

Stylistically, this album follows Kekal's faithful tradition by utilizing avant-garde and alternative approach to various expressions of rock, metal and electronic music.

Get the entire Kekal digital album discography (a bundle of 19 Kekal digital releases sold on Bandcamp including 13 full-length albums and 4 EPs) for only $29 USD. That's a 50% off a-la carte price.

A great chance to check out the music of Kekal.

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Influential Albums

There are over 150 albums that have influenced both Kekal as a band and the musicians involved, from the early formation until now. These albums are posted on Kekal Facebook page.