1000 Thoughts of Violence (2003)
4th full-length studio album

Release Dates (Original)

Undying Music/Alfa Records, February 2003 (Cassette)
Fear Dark, June 2003 (CD, digital)
Rock Express Records, August 2003 (Cassette)

Release Date (Re-mastered Re-issue)

Hitam Kelam Records, October 2017 (2CD combo)
Kekal, October 2017 (Digital)

Track Listing

  1. Subsession / Once Again It Failed
  2. Vox Diaboli
  3. In Continuum
  4. Paradigma Baru
  5. Artifacts of Modern Insanity
  6. Violent Society
  7. Subsession II
  8. Default
  9. Beyond Numerical Reasons

Total Running Time: 50:33

Album Description

"1000 Thoughts of Violence" is by far the most violent, brutal, and one of the most technically progressive albums from Kekal so far. This album has got numerous praises and great reviews from metal media all around the world. Many of them gave almost maximum points.

"1000 Thoughts of Violence" is also Kekal's most selling album to date with close to 10,000 physical units combined (not including digital downloads), and the band toured Europe following its successful release and reception of the album. In Indonesia, the album was distributed by Alfa Records from 2003 - 2004 that saw the band got a mainstream record-stores distribution as well as some radio plays. Also within the 5 years since the release date, the album got a broader distribution as well in Europe.

In 2017, the album was re-mastered for the first time, and was re-released in physical format as a limited-edition 2CD combo along with "Embrace The Dead" album.


Album Line-Up
Jeff : guitars / vocals
Azhar : bass / vocals

Produced by Jeff & KEKAL
Recorded & mixed at Vision Studio, September - December 2002
Engineered & mixed by Jeff
Digital & analog synth orchestrations: Jeff
Sampling, noises, loops, fx, & programming: Doctor D & Jeff
Additional guitar: Azhar
Additional bass: Jeff
Additional vocals: Safrina
Drums: Sang Hitam
Cover artwork & layout by Jeff / Soundmind Graphics

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Note: The original CD version is now out-of-print and has already been sold-out at official stores/distributors, but some online resellers managed to snatch some of the very last copies and sell them via eBay or Amazon stores, albeit at higher price tag. So be sure to grab this one while you can! The original Cassette version has been sold-out.

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"1000 Thoughts of Violence" is the album that arguably changed people's views about 'Indonesian metal' forever. What drove you to compose and produce this critically-acclaimed album that in quality, competes with established international acts, and could stand a test of time?

The most important thing is the environment.. I built my own home-studio in late 2001, Vision Studio.. Not that 'professional' at all on the recording equipment, it was just a simple PC-based DAW setup, but it was enough for recording music without disturbing the neighbours, so I could spend the night recording music.. And as it's my own studio, I can manage the recording time to fit with my schedule of other activities and job.. It's as simple as that.. So, being comfortable at your own pace is important for the creativity.. Every time there was an idea coming out, even when I was asleep, I'd just wake up and record them.. I would say this album is still a streamline continuation of "The Painful Experience", still an angry album above all things, but with more careful attention and emphasis on the technical side than the temperamental side.. For example, I could let go of certain feelings on "The Painful Experience" anytime they come up when singing the lyrics or taking the guitar solos.. Here, they were kept until it's a right time for them to appear.. It's all about getting the perfect moment.. Songwriting got improved as well, and mainly because around that time, I started to listen to a lot of different music, with only less than 50% metal music on my playlist..

You did a European mini tour in 2004 following the release of "1000 Thoughts of Violence", what did they think about you being an 'Indonesian metal band' that did tour over there? Was there a lot of envy being thrown at you? As Kekal might also be the first band from Indonesia to tour Europe!

Initially, there were 2 distinct responses we got in Europe.. One is from people who welcomed us which are actually much bigger in numbers, and the other one who didn't welcome us.. Some might be because of envy, some might be because of something else.. But all in all, the record label who also promoted the tour, Fear Dark, knew exactly what audience and from which countries, and even cities, that would deliver the best response if we played there.. They didn't want to lose money from the tour of course, so they must have done some market research I guess, and also because we had very good relationship with them.. We only played in countries which Kekal albums sold in pretty good numbers.. But for some people that have never heard any Indonesian band, it might change their perspective.. It has always been the negative stereotypes, something like "bands from so-called 3rd-world countries will never deliver enough good quality music", we had in our minds to change that perspective by proving it on the shows..


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