Acidity (2005)

5th full-length studio album from Kekal

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the habit of fire

Album Description

Former members of KEKAL also contribute in the recording, making "Acidity" to be the first official reunion album for KEKAL.

"Acidity" is the most diverse and unique KEKAL album the band have done yet so far, with lots of different emotions and thoughts displayed both in the music and lyrics. You will experience everything from fast extreme songs, mid-paced progressive-laden rock/metal, some slower atmospheric symphonic metal, and also some unique experimental pieces.

Every individual song cannot represent the whole album, but it stands as a part of the album's general concept.

Release Dates:

February 2005 (THT Productions/T.O.P/Musica Studio's, cassette)
March 2005 (Fear Dark, CD)

Track Listing:

1. Characteristicon
2. Strength in My Weakness
3. Thy Neighbor's Morality
4. A Dream for A Moment
5. Broken
6. Envy and Its Manifesto
7. The Way of Thinking Beyond Comprehension
8. Romanitika Destruksi
9. Blessing in Disguise
10. Empty Space

Total Running Time: 56:06


Album Line-Up:
- Jeff Arwadi (vocals/guitars/programming)
- Azharlevi Sianturi (bass/vocals)
- Leo Setiawan (guitars)
- Newin Atmarumeksa (vocals)
- Didi Priyadi (guitars)

With special guests:
- Jason DeRon (guitar)
- L Rion (drums)

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jeff Arwadi

Recorded at Vision Studio, Jakarta - Indonesia & Studio Vertigo, Melbourne - Australia
Mixed at Vision Studio
Cover artwork & layout by Soundmind Graphics

Cover artwork & layout by Soundmind Graphics

Music Video of "A Dream for A Moment"